Password authentication failed for user "xxxx"

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Apply OS : Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS

Apply Navicat Product : Navicat for PostgreSQL, Navicat Premium

Apply Navicat Version No. : All

The error returned by your remote PostgreSQL server indicated that your user account has no enough privilege in order to connect with the server. Please enable remote connections function while installation or configure postgresql.conf for setting remote access. If you want to access your remote PostgreSQL server from your desktop, you would firstly need to know how PostgreSQL privileges system works.

PostgreSQL access control would involve two stages:

  1. The server checks whether your desktop (host address or IP address) is allowed to connect.
  2. Assuming you can connect, the server checks each request you issue to see whether you have sufficient privileges to perform it. For example, Create table privilege, Drop table privilege or Alter table privilege.

If your remote server supports SSH connection, your Navicat will be able to connect with remote PostgreSQL databases through SSH tunnel without making any changes to existing PostgreSQL privileges setting.The major benefit of SSH tunneling is that it allows us to connect to a PostgreSQL server from behind a firewall when the PostgreSQL server port is blocked.